Somewhere between kaizen and karma, Kalamitys Reign!

Kalamitys Reign was founded with the knowledge that life has its hardships, its misfortunes, and its loss. Yet inside each of us is the power to overcome, to survive, and to thrive. The question is are you ready to rule over your life, manifest your destiny, and follow your dreams?

Hello, I'm Charles Michael Tadlock, founder of Kalamitys Reign music production and clothing apparel. I am a widowed father of 3, a recovered alcoholic, a medical cannabis cultivator and a long time musician. I founded Kalamitys Reign to spread a positive message of inner strength, personal triumphs, and hope to share the power we all have inside us to be successful in whatever we set our hearts to achieve.

Like many of you I know a thing or two about the unfortunate situations life can bring. From school bullying, battling addiction, legal issues, inconsistent employment, divorce, deaths of loved ones and of course global pandemics. All of these negative situations should not hold you back. Instead they shall provide you strength. Strength to continue, strength to pursue, to endure, and to overcome.

Shield yourself from the negativity of the world, conquer your fears, and live your dreams. Surround yourself in the latest apparel by Kalamitys Reign and be sure to listen to our musical productions wherever you stream your favorite songs. Including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube and many more. 

Remember, life is to short not to listen to great music, strive for your dreams and aim for success. Take the journey of life a day at a time. Support those in need and stand proud through calamities, and triumphs. Be the best you you can be and help support our dreams. The power of music and awesome clothing can help you through the day. However, without your support success just isn't possible. Team work makes the dream work. Join our team and order Kalamitys Reign ware today. 

New Album Coming 11/11/2022